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Bears and bulls. We have seen both. While it is important to grow your investments in the good times, it is just as important (and perhaps more so) to protect your investments during the bad times. Many investors simply add fixed income products (bonds) to a portfolio in an attempt to mitigate risk, but our approach is different. We help our clients proactively address risk in their portfolios through time-tested equity risk management strategies. We believe it improves the odds our clients will be better risk mitigated when the next financial storm arrives. We invite you to see how this approach may work for you. 

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david younts_financial advisor_wealth planner_financial planner_branch manager_stifel_charlotte north carolina

David Younts
Senior Vice President/Investments
Branch Manager

Howard Douglas_financial advisor_wealth planner_financial planner_investments_stifel_charlotte north carolina

Howard Douglas, CFP®
Vice President/Investments
Portfolio Manager - Solutions Program

Brad Richardson, Financial Advisor, Click to view biography.

Brad Richardson
Financial Advisor

With nearly 60 years of combined experience as financial advisors, we strive to make things simple. We assist our clients in making important decisions about their future with strategies designed to help build wealth, control risk, and reduce or defer taxes.  Click here to learn more about some of the wealth management services The Younts Douglas & Richardson Wealth Management Group offers. 


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